Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

raw strawberry cheesecakeI have been wanting to make a raw cheesecake for a while now,and since I made one, I wonder why I didn’t try it sooner! It is so creamy and refreshing; my dad also loved it!(He got to have the last piece,too!) Full credits for the recipe go to My New Roots. I will simply be sharing my variations of the recipe.
My crust ingredients:
heaping 1/2 cup raw pecans
1/2 cup soft Medjool dates (about 8 dates)
¼ tsp.Real Salt

Using a food processor, I ground my pecans fine first,then added the dates and salt until it all came together.Then I pressed it into a plastic wrap lined standard size loaf pan, because my spring-form pan is too big. I actually like them as bars, instead of slices.

My cheesecake Ingredients:
1 ½ cups raw cashew halves/pieces,soaked overnight
1/4 cup lemon juice, strained
1 tsp.vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut oil (I used refined, so no coconut taste)
1/3 cup honey/maple syrup (I used equal amounts of each)
1 cup strawberries

To make the cheesecake, I simply threw everything in the blender at once(EXCEPT STRAWBERRIES)and processed until it was creamy. It was a bit thick, so I took about half of it out, and did it in half batches, them put it back together to blend it all a final time. Pour about two-thirds of that mixture on top of the crust,and spread it evenly. Add the cup of strawberries to the remaining “cream” and blend until creamy again.Then pour that on top of the other layer, and carefully spread. Freeze for about 2-3 hours, then try not to eat it all at once. 🙂 If it is frozen solid, wait to cut it, or the cheesecake part will “break”.
Again, be sure to check out My New Roots for the original recipe and her great flavor variation ideas! I think next time I make this, (there WILL be a next time!), I will try using lemon extract instead of vanilla,and try using blueberries as well.


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