Branch Basics- The All Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Branch Basics I know this is not a recipe; so it’s not a usual post,rather it is a review about an all natural all purpose cleaner that can replace practically every other cleaner you have.

Now the term all natural can be very deceiving. Some products that claim to be all natural have just the amount of chemicals and toxins as the “regular” product, the ingredients are just labeled differently.

That’s what sets Branch Basics apart. Truly, NO chemicals or toxins, AND safe for children and babies. Isn’t that stress free?! You can actually WASH your baby in it! Had I mentioned it was all purpose? Yep!!

If you still have doubts, check out this food grade ingredient list: Purified water (reverse-osmosis filtered), coconut oil, fatty acids, minerals and enzymes from edible and seed-bearing plants, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda – aluminum free!)  Have you ever seen a cleaner cleaner? 😉

I’ve used Branch Basics  for many things (obviously!), but my favorite use so far was that it removed all that greasy gunk build up from my cookie sheets! Of course it took the help  of a steel wool scrubber and some elbow grease, but it worked super! Nothing else I had attempted ever worked at all. I had before and after pictures, but they got deleted,or I’d have them inserted.

My other favorite use is the travel size prediluted soap. It replaces toxic hand sanitizer and is also helpful if you get food or stains on your clothes while out and about.

if you are interested in trying Branch Basics, Click on the image below to be redirected to the Branch Basics website and get 25% off your first order of $25.

Please Note: I was not paid or given this product to review. It is simply my own thoughts about something  I use and love that I believe more people should know about! You’re welcome!😉

Branch Basics


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